About Me

In high school, I loved photography. You could always find me within the campus dark room, hidden between layers of emulsion and photographic paper. I took every class and was consistently bringing my camera along on every high school adventure.

During my college years at UCLA, it was the same routine. After graduating college with a Bachelors degree in the arts, I moved to London & traveled the world which is when I knew, upon my return to Los Angeles, that I would make photography my career. I created my own company and have been documenting weddings for ten years strong.

My Work

Today my brand is renowned for its stylish portraits and evocative moments. Our team has delivered priceless memories for several seasons now while traveling all over- New Orleans, San Francisco, New York and Costa Rica, to name a few. I’m not only the creator behind this team but have also worn each and every hat along the way. Today, I’m proud to share those responsibilities with an amazing team of employees.

I am truly blessed to be here, doing what I love and so I treat each client and every wedding with the same enthusiasm as if they were my first.

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