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Our photography focuses on YOU! We aim to retell the stories of your special events with beautiful photographs, capturing every emotion in refined detail. No matter the location or the number of people being photographed, we will put all at ease from the moment we start clicking away.Our specialty? Wedding Photography and Family Portraits. We have sharpened our skills over the last ten years and have been successful in delivering exceptional images to our clients year after year.

As a Wedding Photography Company, we also offer engagement shoots, giving us a chance to interact with you, your future spouse and to better understand the expectations for your wedding day. We pride ourselves in capturing the most special moments of your ceremony and reception, to enjoy for years to come. We strongly believe your love story deserves to be captured in a way that makes you travel back to that special day each and every time you look at your wedding photos.

As a Family Photography Company, we offer minimal direction during photo shoots. Instead, we allow you to interact and engage with the family as usual, only giving minor suggestions as you go. We decide on a location, lighting, and theme beforehand so that during the shoot, your children can play, interact and be themselves. We are always there to follow your little one and it is always a fun time. Our sessions can be scheduled for both indoors and outdoors and are usually one to two hours in length.

We are a Los Angeles based photography company that offers our services to residents in the area and beyond. To schedule a consultation with our team, give us your details on our site or call us today!

The Capturing of Your Wedding Day

Our goal is to tell your story and to remain journalistic in our approach. We ensure that you always feel at ease throughout your wedding day portraits. We call it evocative journalism- capturing the emotion that occurs within the blink of an eye. We don’t pose you, we capture you in your best pose. We are directors of candid moments but you’ll never know how we got there. It is so important for a photographer to not only frame, light and capture the moment but to also tap into each individual’s personality and spontaneity; to get to know each couple and what it is that makes them tick. We make sure to promote smiles, comfort, and ease, all while making you look you look your absolute best.

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Family Portraits: Capture & Share the Life of Your Little One

by Documenting their Childhood

The Jen Castle Photographic approach is always journalistic, mixing a few suggestions and direction with pure play. We can often be found chasing, storytelling and playing make-believe, doing whatever it takes to bring out each child’s unique personality. So while we may schedule the perfect location beforehand and we may bring a few props to help motivate their interests, in the end, it’s all about your little one and what makes them tick; what it is that peaks their interest, what their favorite past-time is, and who their favorite superhero happens to be. We do our best to bring out their favorites and then we let them run, documenting them each and every step along the way. Capture the real them with our help. After the shoot, we provide an online gallery which makes it easy to order prints. We provide a wide variety of options to showcase your family’s photography. From standard prints to metal or canvas and our flush-mount albums come in a variety of styles, sizes, covers, textures, and page count.

It sometimes feels as if children grow up too quickly. Capture precious moments and remember their childhood forever with the help of Jen Castle Photography. Let us document and stop a moment in time with a snap of a camera.

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Lifestyle Portraits And Headshots

We recently merged the Blue Buddha Headshot Photography team over to Jen Castle Photography. So now, alongside our lifestyle portraits, we are happy to welcome in the headshots. As per usual, we keep our shoots fresh, fun, and flirty so that you are consistently bringing new energy and confidence with every click of our shutter. We want you at your best and pride ourselves on the direction we bring towards every shoot. This is the primary key to outstanding portraits. We want you to be engaged but relaxed. We want you to play. We want you. It can be intimidating to step in front of the lens, we won’t let it be.

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